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Senator Isiaka Adeleke Is Dead

A member of the Nigerian Senate, Isiaka Adeleke has died. The three-term Senator currently representing Osun West Senatorial district having won the election on the platform of the All Progressives Congress in 2015. Mr. Adeleke died today at Bikets Hospital in Oshogbo the Osun state capital after suffering a heart attack according to family sources. He was 62 years.

A member of the Nigerian Senate, Isiaka Adeleke has died. The three-term Senator currently representing Osun West Senatorial district having won the election on the platform of the All Progressives Congress in 2015. Mr. Adeleke died today at Bikets Hospital in Oshogbo the Osun state capital after suffering a heart attack according to family sources.

He Died at The Age of 62

Saturday, 22 April 2017

All You Need To Know About Mkido and #MLIC (M'kidO Live In Concert)

Mujeeb Adekunle Amosun Mostly Known And Referred To As M'kidO is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, performer and even a French singer who shows no hesitation letting out his eccentric characters which he tries to portray into his music and the result is an ideology that modern music is more than just a rhythm.

He combines both Yoruba ,English and French when singing with a smooth neo-tradional African delivery and of course unforgettable melody and lyrics which makes his own style of music unique, He is a student of university of ilorin ,studying European languages”French and German to be precise” 

Winner of ANUCA AWARDS 2014(Best youth artiste of the year) 

Da 1st invasion awards (best artiste of the year 2015) Nominated as next rated artiste of the year at OMA awards ( Osun state ) 

Winner of Unilorin Mtn pulse campus 
Winner of TECNO karaoke Unilorin 

Nominated as artiste of the year at Both UNILORINHYPEAWARDS and EMPEROR AWARDS


Mkido is Also Soles Ambassador For A Year

M’kidO deciding it was time for serious soul searching embarked on a road journey to another country (Ivory Coast) where he joined a group ( Raven ) which consists of two artistes sherrykay and Tberry.

This was a moment affirmation hit for the singer and the wheels were set in motion. he shot his first video “jOrOmi”under under Raven Ent. 

M'kidO Is Also Acknowledged By Top Blogs, Which Made Him Gets More Attentions From Bloggers

He draws a lot of inspiration from his mum and gained a lot of respect for women through her.

Everything is now set for #MLIC2017 where Mkido will be performing live on stage with a powerful live band using the combination of 4 languages. 
Other artist performing at MLIC are: 
and lots more 

MLIC 2017 comes up this may 3rd 2017 @PFA THEATRE unilorin by 3pm

Men reveal crazy things women do that push them away

Nigerian men reveal the things that turn them off in women, and some of these revelations are downright epic and hilarious.

Here’s one for the women: what are the things you think push men away from you?

Men expressed some of these things through a Pulse Opinion Poll carried out on our Instagram page @pulsenigeria247, where men were asked to mention or list the things women do that they can’t bear.
Just over 15 hours after the post was made, more than 370 comments were already made and they ranged from logical and reasonable to epic and friggin’ hilarious.
As expected, many men were quick to list the following traits as unacceptable: insecurity, arrogance, body odour, unsatisfaction, being egoistic, being full of lies, and excessive demanding to name but a few.
Interestingly, nagging was by the most recurrent trait that men mentioned.
Apparently, far too many guys can’t stand women that nag and judging by the frequency with which they commented against it.
There were also some comments which grabbed attention for their hilarity, ridiculousness andepicness.
Take for instance, a user with the handle @i_am_grant97, who says he is easily put off by women who declare their love after a mere kiss, and those that start discussing marriage just after that also. Marriage talk.
@bzydboss thinks it is pure evil that one "ask[s] a girl out on a date and on that day she brings four of her friends along." [And we totally agree with this one.]
@marvorichardo says"still wearing pants when at home alone with their man… that sucks. Wear something revealing and tempting so that area can get refreshed with air and mood can come up too… #facts" [Now that’s some serious stuff right there.]
And there is @uwumarogiebright who says "nothing irritates me like seeing a beautiful girl without brain."
The user @patfynda made some epic comment about not liking the way women went dry after an orgasm, and @precious_adedoyin suggests that frequent [violent] mood swings would push him away from a girl.
There you have it, Nigerian men have expressed their opinions on the things they find unappealing in women.
Do you agree, or what do you think about these things, please let us know what you think below.

Nigerian ladies reveal crazy things guys do that push them away

Naija babes talk about the many crazy stuff Nigerian guys do that get them moving away.

Just what are the things that guys do that make women take several steps backwards, things that push them away from guys?

Nigerian ladies express some of the most frustrating, annoying, and hardly-acceptable things Nigerian guys do, either consciously or unconsciously, which get them [the ladies] stepping away as far as they can.
In a similar post published on Pulse Nigeria’s Instagram feed, we previously asked men to list the things women do that scares them away, and we got some amazing responses.
With over 600 responses on the Instagram post published on January 8, 2017, most ladies listed infidelity, lies, cheating, and double-dating; suggesting a crazy level of unfaithfulness among Nigerian men.
We also found and were able to compile some really interesting responses such as this one gotten from a user, wildlingsbeddings who complains about the way Nigerian guys "start with the whole attention and communication, then [make everything] die like a smoke in fire."
augiechichiLazy thinks it’s uncool that some men "can’t pick up their stuff, treating their wives like maids."
jisola333 has an issue with men who conclude that a woman has money just because she does not ask them, andit makes her angrier when those men "conclude that you have enough to feed them and start asking you for money stylishly. And before you know it, they start saying "I thought you said you love me" like a chorus to a hit song…"
"Lazy asses," she calls them.
Valzema says, "getting drunk, keeping late nights, unfaithfulness. I’m yet to see a Naija man who doesn’t cheat"
princessspizy1 explains her hate for improperly-groomed men by commenting "picking their nose in public view and glare. Talking and giving people a saliva bath. Poor hygiene. E.g, dirty boxers, unkempt nails, torn socks.
"These [are the the things Naija guys do to piss me off] in no particular order," she adds.
sardaunas_daughter believes Naija guys need to drop the "nonchalant attitude / carefree lifestyle towards [any] lady [in their lives]"
crystal.el_brown actually had us laughing out loud, she expresses a serious concern when she says, she’s not so impressed "when a man says come to my house after chatting with a woman for two seconds."
She asks, "Nigga, do I look homeless?"
And another user suggests that playing FIFA 17 is one of the things that piss her off about naija guys.
We reckon not too many guys will agree to change their FIFA 17 playing habit though!

“Drake Is Like A Brother… He’s Always Showing Me Love” – Wizkid

Nigerian superstar, Ayodeji Balogun popularly known as Wizkid has explained the kind of relationship he has with Canadian rapper/singer, Drake in a new interview.
The singer who just featured Drake in his latest single “Come Closer ” explained that he met Drake through English grime artist, Skepta and they have been like brothers ever since.

Gifty Reacts To Comedian AY’s Jokes On TBoss And Kemen

The Big Brother Naija star in a chat with GoldmyneTV has said it’s no big deal.
“My take on that is that, mehn! Kini big deal.
You know AY is a comedian and he’s doing his job, he is doing his business, and infact I don’t blame him. He even teased me, he brought out the whole Gifty issue, but even I called him and told him, ‘bros I see how your job dey go o’ and he was like he is sorry, and I was like, you don’t need to apologize, it’s business and as a comedian you need to do everything possible to make sure your fans and your viewers out there, because they pay ticket to come and have fun, so I don’t blame him mehn.
It’s only for TBoss and Kemen to take it in a very matured way”
Watch Video Here:

I Hawked Fish And Periwinkle To Build My Career – Mr 2kay

Abinye David Jumbo also known as Mr 2Kay, has revealed how he hustled to hgt to the level he is today.
Speaking with Saturday Beats, the crooner, made it known that things were rough at the start as he had to hawk kerosene, coconut and pure water to survive.
Mr 2Kay added that doing that enabled him sell his craft to people as he would sing to entertain people while hawking his good.
In his words:
“I sold kerosene, coconut and pure water on the streets before I made it in life. I also sold fish, periwinkle, and other sea foods, in Bonny Island in Rivers State to survive. While I was doing that, I was still singing, entertaining people to sell my goods. It was like a strategy for me, I used it to get their attention and also to patronize me. I am actually a church boy and I was a chorister in church. In 2010, God answered my question and I got signed to Grafting Records. I am still with them. I sang ‘Count it all joy,’ for God because I cannot forget him and he has made me all I am today. I have another song coming out soon called ‘Prayer.’ I go to church regularly and pay my tithes. I also try to live a good life, I don’t drink or smoke even though I am an ambassador to an alcoholic drink. These days, I just take a very little alcohol mixed with a lot of soft drink,” the lanky singer said.

My Career Is More Important Than My Relaionship – Niniola

Sensational singer, Niniola, has just revealed what is most important in her life at the moment.
The MARADONA crooner, who recently spoke with Saturday Beats confirmed that she is indeed in a relationship, but music remains her forever love as if her boyfriend dared ask her to chose between them both, he’d definitely lose her.
In her words:
“I am currently in  a relationship and I am dating someone. I have been dating for a while now. It has been perfect coping with my career and relationship and I have had no problems whatsoever. My partner dare not tell me to choose between him and my career because he knows he would lose out,” she said.
On the inspiration behind her latest effort MARADONA, Niniola said:
“My song ‘Maradonna’ is partly from personal experience and I also pulled from other people’s experience. The song is about a player, a terrible womaniser and I likened him to Maradonna’s footaball prowess. Men like different things and sometimes they go crazy in search of other things. It has happened to me and other women so I decided to sing about it. A lot of people can relate to it. During the time I dated a guy that cheated on me, I dealt with him when I found out. Although I broke the guy’s head in the video, I just walked out the guy in real life and said goodbye to the relationship. I always bade my friend farewell because if a friend could do that to you, then that person is not your friend,” she said.

After Running Away From Home For Big Brother, My Dad Welcomed Me With “I Love You My Daughter”

Former Big Brother Naija housemate, Debie-Rise has narrated how her father welcomed her home, after she ran away from to be part of the show. Debie-Rise absconded from home, as her father who is reportedly a pastor restricted her from being part of the show. She said…
“Apart from the fact that my father is a pastor, I feel like I’m a typical girl with a good cultural upbringing from the north where parents are very protective of their children or they are just worried about the outside world like the city life.
“So, I understood it as to the kind of life he wanted for me. I know he wants the best for me and he was just trying his best.
“He was trying to be protective but being a pastor and me trying to have a career in music, there could be this friction.
“So I didn’t want a situation whereby I would inform him of my intentions to go and then he would say no. I did that because once he said no, then I couldn’t go because it would be disobedient.
“So, I wanted to be smart, go for it and tell him, ‘daddy I have gone, please pray for me’ like Dare Art Alade sang and I’m happy I did it.
“I would have had to convince him and there would have been no time to do that but then in the end, to God be the glory.
“He wasn’t initially impressed and didn’t like that idea and he actually called the producers of the event and asked me to come back home.
“He said he was not happy at all but then I was able to convince him and beg him. Before I returned home, I was a bit scared and I wasn’t sure he would be happy.
“I won’t lie, I was just hoping I made him proud in the house and when I finally placed a call to him, he said something like, ‘now you have my time abi?’
“And I apologised and asked him if I made him proud and he just said “I love you my daughter” and that is just what I want you to know, that my parents are proud of me and I’m looking forward to going home and paying them a visit.”

Funke Akindele & Her Film Crew Attacked By Area Boys While Filming In Lagos (Video)

Nollywood actress, producer, Funke Akindele-Bello and members of her film crew have been attacked by area boys, while on set.
They are currently working on new production at Chancellor street, Iraboko, Awoyaya area of the state.
“Filming now in chancellor street Iraboko awoyaya And area boys are here fighting us. I’m so fed up with these boys. We work so hard. God help us,” the award winning producer of Jenifa shared with the video below on social media.

Kemen Blasts Judges Who Disqualified Him Over Sex*al Assault On Tboss

Former Big Brother Naija housemate, Ekemini Ekerete also known as Kemen blasts judges who disqualified him declaring that the judges of the reality television show were unfair to have disqualified him from the programme.
Recall that Kemen was in March disqualified after he was caught on tape fondling Tboss breast without her consent… Tboss was asleep when Kemen carried out the act.

Following Kemen’s disqualification, the organizers of the show said it took them seven hours of deliberation, to disqualify fitness trainer.
Reacting to a question on whether the judges who disqualified him were fair, Kemen told New Telegraph, I don’t think they were fair but in their perception of the scenario, it is normal for them to take the decision they took because it was necessary at that time based on how sensitive they were to the issue.”
On if T-boss led him into touching her breast, the fitness trainer said, “There was no leading on, I and T-Boss had a cordial relationship. There was no leading on of any sort and there was no case of molestation.”

Davido And Ice Prince Allegedly Traded Blows With Each Other

Nigerian superstars Davido and Iceprince Zamani allegedly ‘fought’ at an event in Delta.
According to a Twitter user, Saint Lee,
‘Iceprince questioned Quilox club boss, Shina Peller on why he was told to manage with others when Davido rode in a salon car and then Davido allegedly got furious’.
Both put up status on their social media accounts confirming the would be at Delta before the alleged incident.

Nollywood Actress, Funke Akindele Confirms Death Of Veteran actor, Olumide Bakare

Nollywood Actress, Funke Akindele Confirms Death Of Veteran actor, Olumide Bakare Check Her Instagram Post Below:-

RIP #OLUMIDEBAKARE May the good Lord comfort his family. So sad

A post shared by Funke Akindele Bello (@funkejenifaakindele) on

Middle Aged Woman Sings and Dance To #IndustreetThemeSong by SOP All Stars (Video)

Middle Aged Woman Recognized To Be The Biological Mother Of The Pop SOP (Scene One Production) Celebrity and Iyamileko Crooner "Sonorous" Shares Video Of His Mum Dancing To His Verse In The Industreet Theme Song With The Caption "

😱😱Wawu my mom just did my verse. God bless you more mom may you live long to see your boy do it big @soprecords_"

Watch Video After The Cut Below:-

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Will You Shut Up! – Runtown Slams Rude Twitter User

Runtown sure has no time for trolls, as he recently slammed one of the many online for a disrespectful statement.
The singer, who is expecting his first child with his US Based girlfriend, Selena, simply shut a twitter user up who took to the social media platform to first complain about the ”babymama syndrome’ eating deep into the entertainment industry, cautioning singers Davido and Runtown to be cautious of H.I.V and learn to make use of protection whenever they feel the need to engage in sexual activities.
The user wrote:
The way this babymama syndrome is eating deep into our artists…shows their growing level of rascality
To which Runtown replied:
Will you shut up!